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Terms and conditions

Dear Partner,

For trouble free co-operation, please consider the following:

1. Order Form, Worksheet:

Please complete the Worksheet and Order Form accurately and in detail according to the instructions and forward it to us with the required attachment (namely, the portrait and profile photos: normal, smiling and laughing) packed separately from the impression.

Use our Digital Worksheet and Order Form if possible (we provide demo material, application and technical support and training upon request).

2. Impression:

Please always send a quality, disinfected, clean and properly-packed study impression (print showing the state prior to the intervention) / print material / bite registration.

If the impression material is alginate, please display the date when the print was taken and the expiry date.

3. Deadlines:

General deadline: 5-10 (five-ten) working days from the receipt of the order.

Please write the date and time on the Worksheet and the Order Form (taking into account the deadlines for manufacturing, transport, parcel delivery)

4. Warranty:

We provide a 2 (two) year warranty for prostheses and dental works made by us, including built-in, so called pre-manufactured metal parts.

Our laboratory can accept warranty claims only under the following minimum criteria:

  • an accurately and clearly completed Worksheet and Order Form have been received
  • impressions and peripheries complying with at least the general technical requirements have been provided
  • there has been professional implantation and handling and proper use of our dental work

Warranties other than the general warranty apply to certain full and partial dental works:

  • plastic caps of precision attachments: no warranty
  • temporary prostheses: to cementing
  • dental works for covering toothless gum structures, full or partial dentures and metal plate prostheses: to fitting in the moath
  • lining of dental works: to fitting in the moath

Our laboratory does not accept warranty claims covering the following full and partial dental works:

  • dental works for covering atrophied gum areas
  • for accurately covering the following areas:
  • inflamed gum, atrophy in the crown parts
  • in place of fresh extractions
  • in the region of gum surgery and bone replacement
  • in implanted areas
  • dental works damaged during an accident
  • the professional or unprofessional alteration or modification outside our laboratory of components, partial units replaced or implanted outside our laboratory

Our laboratory may modify the terms and conditions of this warranty.

For more details on possible warranty claims, please contact us (contact).

In case of a possible warranty claim, please immediately notify us (contact) and also send a written claim containing details of the Work ID (contact).

We kindly ask our Partner to inform all his/her patients of the following:

  • prosthesis / dental work is not suitable for the removal of caps and plugs, opening of canned food, packages, etc.
  • in the case of the biting of metal, glass or other hard objects, the denture material may be damaged
  • if they are dropped, etc. prostheses / dental work may be damaged, break or deformed
  • if they are exposed to extreme heat, etc. plastic parts may soften or shear, and discolouration and rigidity may occur
  • it is prohibited to cook, infuse or heat the prosthesis / dental work, to dry it in a microwave oven or clean it with acid, base or cleaning agents containing acid or base, metal brushes, etc.
  • prostheses should be cleaned only with proper equipment (tablets, toothbrush, inter-dental brush, etc.)
  • in the case of extreme contamination, please contact your dentist, dental technician for professional cleaning.

5. Other:

The duty and commitment of the D.A.C. Dental Laboratory Team is to comply with the needs of our Partner, and we therefore kindly ask you immediately to contact us (contact) if you have any questions on co-operation, the services of our laboratory or others, or with your claims, problems or critical comments.

This is for information purposes; D.A.C. Dental Laboratory Ltd. stands by its right of modification.