D.A.C. Labor Fogtechnikai Kft
9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Linhardt György út 8.
Tel./Fax: +36 96 208 376 / Mobil: +36 30 485 3000 / E-mail: daclabor@daclabor.hu
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D.A.C. Dental Technical Ltd. was founded in 2007 in the historic inner city of Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary.

Nobel Biocare

We are a Nobel Biocare partner.

By founding our dental laboratory, our objective was to provide a high quality and full dental service to our customers.
With the use of quality base materials and modern, highly advanced competitive technology, we are able to carry out all requirements at any stage of our work.

Our European – standard machinery and tools anable the application of modern technologies for each product type.

Our aim is to create life like restaurations, with the highest possible asthetics and function, with individual shading if required.

We consider direct contact as extremely important, similar to personal consultations between the dentist and the patient because, in our oppinion, harmonised teamwork forms the basis of successful work. We provide opportunities for consultation and shade selection in the pleasant athmosphere of our laboratory.

Right now there are six dental technicians working in our laboratory, each one of them is highly trained on their special field of the profession. We regularly attend professional training sessions, and we are opened to discover the possibilities and use of new materials and technologies.

Gyula Farkas C.D.T.M. has worked several years in foreign countries before founding D.A.C. Laboratory, where he had the opportunities to learn the most up to date technologies.

fogtechnika labor

Considering the „ manpower, „ in our lab, we can only take a relatively small quantity of cases, however we are up to complete them to the highest possible quality standards, keeping a close contact with the dentist and the patient.
In a nutshell: Quality before quantity.

In order to make all these come possible, at the beginning of a work relationship we prefer personal consultation with our new customers either in our laboratory or at the chairside.

The true measurements of our activity is a well established work relationship with every one of our customers since we have opened, not to mention our patients’ smile.